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“I recently completed the Using Emotional Intelligence workshop and found it to be so valuable! As an engineering professional, I know it is critical to appreciate how emotions affect our relationships and our ability to get projects done. This workshop provides practical actions to start improving relationships immediately. Barb brings her wealth of leadership knowledge and psychology to coach us to perceive, understand, and manage our emotions more effectively. I highly recommend this course!”

Michelle Smeby, CEO wHolistic Change

“It’s amazing to me how our few short sessions have helped me develop in my role and even more importantly develop myself! I continue to play back some of our conversations from time to time. I still use the term “that’s not my monkey” and have others saying it now, too. It’s astonishing how one can become a better person by having a better understanding of themselves. I appreciate your kind words and truly value your opinion and insight.”

Alicia Schwartz, HR Manager, Oxygen Service

“Barb was a great facilitator for our workshop on emotional intelligence. She was well organized, full of energy, and readily engaged our audience. The real plus was we walked away ready to use what we learned about our emotional intelligence. We had great reviews from our participants. I’d invite Barb to present again without hesitation.”

Courtney Buskirk, Mpowered Women

“As we’ve worked with Barb during these past weeks, I’ve heard repeatedly from my executive team how relevant and helpful her coaching has been for them. Barb’s business background and style have been a great fit for us. In the midst of heavy growth and organizational changes, it is a relief knowing my team can turn to Barb as a trusted advisor.”

Tom Burke, CEO TCompanies
November 2011

“Barb helped me to develop my unique potential as a leader. When I need more than just the voice in my own head to sort out the buzz from the truth, I turn to Barb.”

John DePree, CEO Bethany Publishing
Dec 2012

“I know the team thoroughly enjoyed the training. From my perspective I have noticed great strides in each member of the team. I am blessed to work with them and value the leadership they bring. Thank you for working with us.”

Michael J. DuPont, WFJ Attorneys

“For three years, Barb has been a caring and impactful coach with our MBA students. Her structure for the coaching process is easily understood and her insights are right on target for the leadership learning we work to impart to our learners. Students routinely speak to her effectiveness in helping them move forward in their leadership journey. We are so delighted to have Barb on our team.”

Carol Nissen, Manager MBA Coaching Program, Bethel University

“Barb did a wonderful job speaking to our women in technology group. She was dynamic, full of energy, and provided an extremely powerful message about using life’s tough situations as an opportunity to positively build our personal leadership strength. Our audience walked away glad they had spent time with Barb and is interested in having her back to do future speaking engagements for our company.”

Sandy Jacobson, HR Manager, Sogeti
Sept 2012

“Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox was warmly received by our CEO roundtable audience. I highly recommend you asking Barb to bring this keynote to your group.”

Rich Anderson, CEO – Imagine IT
Aug 2012

“As Barb presented Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox, I noticed that every eye in the room was on her. The message she offered, leadership lessons we learn in elementary school, seemed on target for everyone.”

Mark Andreske, The Service Guide
July 2012

“I am so glad to have worked through the DIAL Clarity™ coaching workbook. The exercises opened a door to reveal where I had some work to do in order to step up my game. I highly recommend DIAL Clarity to any leader wanting candid transparency around their personal foundation.”

Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert
June 2012

“I owe Barb my sincere gratitude for the DIAL Clarity™ workbook. These exercises were very effective for gaining clarity and were a perfect start to an intense three days redefining my business focus and action plan.”

Josie Geiger
March 2009

“In a most professional manner, Barb calls it as she sees it and is one of the most refreshing people I have worked with. Hire her, you’ll be glad you did!”

Carrie Pomey, MedTox Labs
Dec 2012

“Barb, you were inspiring to listen to and your message resonates with me. I’ve not reset goals for some time now. Your talk has reminded me to get focused on my future. Thank you!”

Al Johnson, VP SBA Development, Bank of the West
Dec 2012

“Having attended many presentations, I was delighted to be impressed with Barb’s message about understanding how our motivations lead us. Her delivery was engaging and the audience walked away very pleased.”

Ed Kearney, President, Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce
Sept 2012

“I thoroughly enjoyed Barb’s presentation. I found it to be motivational and inspiring. The stories about Mr. Johnson, and his teaching methods, were especially interesting to me.”

Gina McDonald, Director of Accounting, Funky Chunky
Aug 2012

“I had the pleasure of attending Barb’s Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox presentation. I loved the simple way with which Barb correlated leadership attributes to her elementary school teachings. It proves that good leadership isn’t rocket science, it’s actually quite easy to accomplish and act upon.”

Stacy Locsin, Travel Leaders
Aug 2012

“In Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox, Barb presented an amazingly simple leadership lesson that was memorable, creative, and easy to remember.”

Brad Lantz, Managing Partner Inner Circle
Dec 2012

“I’m glad to have had Barb share the message of Mr. Johnson at our recent year end planning meeting. The story and Barb’s energetic style were right on target for us.”

John Hartley, President – JTH Lighting

“Dear Barb, thank you for your presentation. It was insightful, warm and engaging. I learned so much and came away feeling empowered and encouraged.”

Anna Braasch, Simplify with Anna
Dec 2012

“Not only was Barb’s message for effective networking spot on; it was life transforming, providing a sense of security, confidence, and competency that has already paid dividends in my professional associations. I look forward to hearing more from Barb in the future!”

Marius Massie, President – Revolutionary Culture
Dec 2012

“I enjoyed Barb’s presentation on effective networking and found the learning to be immediately applicable. Without hesitation I would recommend Barb to your organization.”

Dr. Justin Gronholz
Dec 2012

“I was glad to be part of the group as Barb shared her Voice of Victory presentation. Her comments were heart felt and really held our attention. Toward the end, she got the rest of us involved in the discussion which was just great!”

Sandy Cleland, Re/Max
Aug 2012

“Barb has an amazing skill for writing meaningful short blogs that personally help me in my work. I recommend you sign up for Barb’s blog so you can use her metaphors and stories as learning tools for successful self-management.”

Judy Skoglund, Lennick Aberman Group
July 2012

“Trying to keep a positive attitude when so many want to drag you down can be exhausting. But after reading your blog posts, I’m ready to take charge of how I want my day to turn out. Each week your messages keep me grounded and positive about my role as manager.”

Lynda Isaacs, Jazzercise Franchise Owner
July 2012

Hi Barb, WOW! Today I took time to read your monthly update and visit your website. It was so inspiring to me and exciting on many fronts. Thanks!

Jane Palmer, M.O.M.S.

“You did an awesome job, Barb! Loved hearing your passion regarding effective networking. You delivered it incredibly well. Fun to watch.”

Wendie Pett, Author, Speaker, TV Journalist
Jan 2013

“Barb did an amazing job, I learned so much in a short time. My key takeaway was a mindset shift, “I’m no longer attending networking events. I am simply here to help.” And I love defining “win-win” as I can’t win until you do.”

Julie Saffrin, Author of Blessed Back


See Barb in Action

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Understanding your talk style helps you in your communication efforts and creates an advantage, for you, when you are at the interviewing table.
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Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is an effective tool for leadership coaching with MBA students at Bethel University.
Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox Video
Using the example of my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Johnson, I teach managers how to engage their employees.
Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox Video

Managers Learning Moments

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Using each letter of the word HELP you can build a stronger connection to your employees.
Manager’s Learning Moment, October 2012
Be mindful of your AIM – attitude in motion
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Manage conflict using a quick four step process
Manager’s Learning Moment, August 2012
Using a three step process for managers to effectively engage employees.


“Make a choice everyday to be positive before you get there.- Interview with Barb Minkel Dusek” Podcast with Steve Kloyda
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