Lunchbox Leadership™ For Managers

With Lunchbox Leadership™, managers create momentum that moves the team forward. Download the flyer.

Are You and Your Managers Keeping Pace?

Amazing results spring forth when leadership skills are added to the manager’s toolbox.

A manager is leading when they:

  • Recognize the power of their own potential and translate that into actionable steps of growth
  • Build authentic relationships up, down, and across
  • Step out in courage to create, inspire, and motivate
  • Tap into sources that energize and display positivity

When the manager finds their pace, they can assist others to do likewise. Their employees bring greater engagement to their work. Fellow managers feel the beat and start walking collaboratively with them. Executive teams sense a bit of relief and start breathing easier. Added together, a growing benefit is realized that escalates a sense of community.

OVERVIEW:        Lunchbox Leadership™ Program

The Lunchbox Leadership™Program contains the following components:

  • Program Kick-Off Meeting – this is a half-day group meeting of the participants
    • The Lunchbox Leadership™ Program is reviewed and the DIAL Clarity™ workbook is introduced
    • Team building is facilitated using Strengths Based Leadership, includes book plus assessment
  • Four Individual Coaching Meetings
    • These meetings are devoted to applying strengths and judgment to the manager’s leadership function
    • Includes Judgment Index Profile – assessment of how values intersect with decision making
  • Program Closing Meeting – 90 minute meeting of group participants
    • Focused conversation on employee engagement, featuring the story of Mr. Johnson’s Lunchbox

BENEFITS:            Upon completion of the program, managers can anticipate the following:

  1. Recognition of how they bring themselves to the manager role for their staff and their co-managers
  2. Consideration of personal adjustments to provide positive impact to those they manage
  3. Creation of strategies for continued self-development that enhances managerial confidence
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